You can start by posting your Profile Ad on Xtabia, indicating Services that you are interested in providing (exp. Dinner Date). We have thousands of potential clients browsing the site daily, looking for potential dates. Once contacted by a client via e-mail or phone that is posted on your profile page, you make date arrangements (time, place, rate, etc.), discuss services, and proceed with the actual date. To avoid disappointments and misunderstandings, we suggest you collect your fee at the beginning of the date.

The uniqueness of the XTABIA site is that You are your own boss. You can set up any rate that you feel appropriate for you. The most common rates are between 30 to 80 USD per one hour, depending of the nature of the date and preparations needed for that date. For example, if you are invited to a corporate event, that has a strict dress code, you may want to charge more, since you will be required to dress up appropriately, have make-up and nails done, etc.
You can set up any rate you wish, from $20 to $1000, or even more. However, we do encourage you to stay realistic.

NO, you keep all the money that you make.

NO, You are your own boss. XTABIA is not an agency and we don’t hire anybody. XTABIA.com is an advertising platform, where you can advertise your services by creating a Profile Ad. You post your Ad on XTABIA as an independent provider, thus make all date arrangements and collect earnings independently from XTABIA.

You can post any of the following contact information: e-mail, phone number, your website (if you have one). We are suggesting that you use e-mail and/or phone number, which is different from your personal/family one. You may even create a separate e-mail to be used for XTABIA contacts only. If you are putting your phone number, be prepared for people calling you with all sorts of questions and inquiries. Remember, you are your own boss, so if you don’t like how the conversation is going, or you get inappropriate comments or questions, we suggest you stop communication with that individual immediately. We also would like to remind you not to give out any of your personal information.